Recent Updates

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The words "Upgrade Medicaid" stacked on top of each other in dark blue,  next to a dark blue hashtag in front of a red arrow pointing upwards

For all updates on our work – and to join the conversation – please follow us on Facebook (Iowa Disability League and #UpgradeMedicaid), and sign up through Action Network

New Member Meetings

Beginning Sunday, December 5th, and happening the first Sunday of each month, we will be hosting hour-long introductory meetings for anyone who wishes to learn more about #UpgradeMedicaid. Learn how our organization started, work we’ve done so far, and hopes for the future. This is also a space for individuals to share their own interests…

Town Hall with State Auditor Rob Sand – MCO Report

#UpgradeMedicaid held a public, virtual town hall with State Auditor Rob Sand on November 22 to discuss the details of his report on MCOs in Iowa. This report, which was released by his office on October 20, detailed an 891% increase in illegal denials of care since the privatization of Medicaid in Iowa. We had…

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